Mannys Fitness Program | Member Testimonial: Sara Gummere

I started boot camp in 2010 because my BFF wouldn’t stop talking about and if you know Danielle Wiswall, you know, she can be a little tenacious at times! So, I had to shut her up! After I got over the first few times where I thought I was going to die…I couldn’t stop talking about it either! It was like no other work out I had ever done, it was competitive, totally demanding and outrageously fun! I would come home and talk about nothing but boot camp…my husband then went through the same thing and had to join to shut me up! What a blast it is competing and working out with your life partner, staying healthy and active together is one of those pillars of a great relationship. Manny asks of his members to give 110% but what he gives back is 210%! He never asks anyone to do anything that he doesn’t do himself and he does it like 6 days a week four times a day! At boot camp you become a family, you work together, you do stupid difficult and challenging things with each other and you truly become stronger, better and faster together. I have made some of the best friendships of my life at boot camp. Manny’s love for his members is truly a blessing in my life. I know he is out there with us in the rain, the heat, the cold, pushing us with more energy and enthusiasm than anyone I have ever known because he cares about his people, he wants our hearts and bodies to be strong. Thank you MFP (Manny and Abby) for being one of the best things in my life, I cherish our friendship and every day I am amazed that after all these years you still find ways to keep boot camp fresh, excited and challenging. MBS!


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