MFP Career Card | Career Card Policy
*Become a Gold Card Member by finishing your Career Card and qualifying for more discounts/prizes.

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After Purchase Only: Click HERE or the link below to activate your Career Card

Payment Options: Cash | Check | PayPal (No Account Necessary) | Square (Use your debit card personally with our Square method)

- Once you purchase your career card every consecutive boot camp you complete will be punched into your card. After you complete 10 consecutive boot camps your next boot camp IS FREE ON ME!
- Also applies to Punch Card Members.
- Career Card must be purchased prior to delivery and activation.

MFP Hierarchy Career Board
1st Boot Camp | Bronze
2nd Boot Camp | Silver
3rd Boot Camp | Loyalty Status
10th Boot Camp | Gold (1st Career Card)
30th Boot Camp | Platinum (3rd Career Card)
50th Boot Camp | Diamond (5th Career Card)
70th Boot Camp | Onyx (7th Career Card)

Career Card Policy

Career Card must be turned in no later than the next boot camp purchased. Any lack of will result in skipping a/some boot camp(s) from being counted.

Career Card is non-refundable and non-replaceable.                  

Career Card must be turned in, in order to receive your free boot camp.

Click HERE or the link below to activate your Career Card


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